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Kleindienst Group

Kleindienst Group

The Floating Seahorse — A world first


Pioneering ambition

With more than 30 years’ experience of creating admired properties around the world, we are proud to be Dubai’s largest European real estate company.

After launching in Austria and Hungary as both property broker and investment company; we expanded into the Gulf in 2003. Today, with over 2,000 people, we manage a diverse portfolio of businesses within the property development, construction, hospitality, property brokerage and corporate business sectors.

A number of independent businesses started life as a Kleindienst brand, including JK Properties, Austria Business Center, and JK Bauen. Each is led by vastly-experienced figures with a reputation for astute property investment advice.

Our Vision

Classically European. Enchantingly Dubai.

The Heart of Europe will be an exclusive second home location and vacation resort – and the world’s leading luxury destination.

The first of its kind in Dubai, 13 hotels and resorts will be crafted to serve a range of elite visitors, from families to couples of all ages.

As well as creating a revered luxury lifestyle, The Heart of Europe will deliver seven historic firsts, including the first outdoor snow plaza, a dedicated wedding hotel, an awe-inspiring underwater hotel, gym and spa – and The Floating Seahorse Villas’ iconic underwater Arabian Gulf experience.

Put together, The Heart of Europe goes further than any other resort concept. To create an elegant, refined, and perception-changing experience that will not fail to excite and delight.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Prestigious investments

We develop creative concepts and deliver sustainable developments for intelligent, ambitious clients. True partners who want design, architecture, and environmentally-friendly technologies to enhance their daily lives.

Naturally, we maximise investment returns. But we also passionately believe in a business ethos based on good ethics, genuine integrity, and a commitment towards community and the environment.

For example, The Heart of Europe uses advanced filtration to meet our zero micro-plastics policy. And we are growing 100,000 corals in our nursery, to join others we have saved from bleaching as we build stunning ecosystems around the resorts. 

Respected, dependable, and trusted; we expect The Heart of Europe to not only deliver what we promise to our business partners and stakeholders, employees, and communities – but exceed their expectations.

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Our Mission

Heart of Europe

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Heart of Europe

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